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      【ShenZhen ChengYuXin Precision Hardware CO.,LTD】Specializing in the production and design of mobile phone thimble battery connector, POGO PIN, spring pin, charging pin, current pin, battery connector; Hardware copper, aluminum, iron, stainless steel car parts and metal shrapnel. Widely used in mobile phones,chargers, military torch, LED, digital cameras, 3G products, Bluetooth headset, automotive, medical equipment and other electronic products. The company has professional technical team supervision quality,advanced production equipment, testing equipment, from buying materials, car system, polishing, plating, assembly, testing, packaging, each process are strictly controlled. Produced by the connector with small size, current, contact strong, beautiful appearance, stable performance, etc., so that your product has a reliable guarantee. The company was established in January 2008, more than 100 employees, up to 10 years of work experience in more than 50 technical staff, plant area of ??2,000 square......More
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